China Development Bank Hu Yong: There are seven cooperation mechanisms between banks under the alliance blockchain

Babbitt reported on the spot that from December 7th to 8th, the "Blockchain Technology and Application" Science and Technology Frontier Forum hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and jointly supported by the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology was held in Shenzhen. At the Blockchain Finance Forum on the 8th, Hu Yong, deputy director of the Application Management Division of the Information Technology Bureau of China Development Bank, said that there are seven cooperation mechanisms between banks under the alliance's blockchain: First, the organization mechanism, the establishment of interbanks The alliance is responsible for business liaison and major decision-making among members; the second is the consensus mechanism, members jointly formulate business standards and technical specifications, and jointly build a blockchain platform; the third is the incentive mechanism, which draws on the Gas mechanism of Ethereum to business participants, Providers and platform operators provide incentives to ensure the sustainable development of their partners. The fourth is the joint development mechanism. Through joint development, the advantages of members can increase the speed of development, reduce project risks, and share project costs. Fifth, operations. Mechanism, the establishment of a new company, related parties to invest in shares, jointly obtain platform development benefits, and unified operations to facilitate management; Sixth, the risk control mechanism ensures inter-bank business cooperation technology security, controllability, and business continuity; Seventh, the regulatory mechanism, Embracing supervision, through supervision nodes can penetrate the underlying assets and ensure business compliance and legality.