Multi-collateral Dai deposit rate increased to 4%

MakerDAO officially announced that on December 7, 2019, MakerDAO successfully passed a vote to increase the multi-mortgage Dai interest rate to 4%. This means that users holding Dai and depositing it in DSR deposit interest rate contracts can earn an annualized 4% return. If you are the owner of Sai, it is recommended to upgrade to Dai as soon as possible. In order to help the smooth transition of single-collateral Sai from multi-collateral Dai, the Maker Foundation risk team incorporated a governance poll into the voting system, providing a series of adjustments to the risk parameters of debt ceiling, Dai deposit interest rate, and Sai stable fee rate, as follows: :
1. Debt ceiling adjustment: reduce Sai's debt ceiling by 25 million to 95 million; increase the debt ceiling of ETH pledged Dai by 25 to 75 million; increase the global debt ceiling of multi-mortgage Dai to 178 million;
2. Dai deposit interest rate adjustment: increase Dai deposit interest rate by 2% to 4%;
3. Sai stable rate adjustment: Reduce Sai stable rate by 1% to 3%.
This opinion poll lasted 3 days from December 3, and the results of the opinion poll were incorporated into the candidate plan on December 6, and whether it was included in the system through continuous voting. After a day of executive voting, the proposal officially entered into force on December 7.