Yang Dong of Renmin University: Online charity crowdfunding platform needs to combine emerging technologies such as blockchain to help the industry develop well

Yang Dong, director of the Big Data Blockchain and Regulatory Science and Technology Laboratory of Renmin University of China, said that China's current social credit system is still not complete, and pre-adverse selection and post-moral moral hazard caused by information asymmetry are common problems that rely on trust industries . The specific working methods, quality of staff, quality of staff, survey of rescued people's assets, and supervision of the use of charitable funds need to be further improved. The related laws and regulations need to be improved, and emerging technologies such as blockchain will help the industry to develop. The online charity crowdfunding platform should further improve the review mechanism. In addition to improving its own review process, it should also actively interface with government administrations and hospitals to verify the authenticity and reliability of the certification materials provided by fundraisers. At the same time, information on personal critical illness help and untrustworthy fundraiser information will be publicized and accept social supervision. In particular, consideration should be given to the use of blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data and other technical means to enhance the credibility of relevant information, so that help information is more transparent and charitable funds are more traceable. In short, the public's demand for online charity crowdfunding is huge, and the social public's willingness to help others is also universal. This is the value of online charity crowdfunding. The use of blockchain and other technical means to further strengthen the risk control of online charity crowdfunding, rebuild the dimension of code trust, guide the healthy and sustainable development of online charity crowdfunding, help maintain the heart of public welfare, the heart of goodness, and create a clean, upright, Good social atmosphere of solidarity.