Parity forgot an EIP during the Ethereum hard fork upgrade

Ethereum client Parity issued an urgent announcement admitting that they forgot to include an EIP (Ethereum Improvement Proposal) in the latest upgrade.

The announcement was surprising, and Parity said that their 2.5.11-stable version was an emergency patch, and they prepared it soon after realizing the error. The patch will add a missing part called eip1344_transition to the mainnet.


The biggest problem is that this error occurred during the Istanbul update, and anyone who did not add a patch may encounter problems when the hard fork arrives. This forgotten EIP mainly proposes to add an operation code to retrieve the chain ID of the chain where the mined block is located. This way, the smart contract will be able to verify the signature using replay protection.

The problem is that the only way to achieve it is to hardcode the chain ID into the smart contract. Obviously, this is a problem for hard forks.

Even so, it's unclear why Parity forgot to include this EIP. Another thing Parity failed to explain is that this error was not discovered until hours before the Ethereum network was upgraded.

Of course, another question is, why would anyone still use this Ethereum client. There are many other clients that focus exclusively on Ethereum and can provide almost the same functionality.

One explanation is that this client team focused on Ethereum in the beginning. However, now Ethereum users run this client the same as bitcoiners run the BCH client.

Some netizens said on Reddit:

"It's a pity that the 5 million dollars that the Ethereum Foundation gave Parity did not seem to be used reasonably. Please be prepared, Parity team, the hard fork is not a joke. This is related to billions of dollars. Refund the foundation's prize money to the community or other team. "

The founder of Parity, Gavin Wood, was a co-founder of Ethereum and has since founded the cross-chain project Polkadot. Therefore Parity no longer focuses on the Ethereum ecology. Reddit netizen Tommy123hold said that Parity holds about 20% -30% of Boca, so they are easily distracted. In addition, due to the Parity wallet vulnerability incident a few years ago, it lost a lot of Ethereum, so focusing on the Ethereum ecosystem is no longer profitable.

However, some netizens objected, DoUHearThePeopleSing believes that the community should help Parity test and build clients, rather than blaming it blindly.

"In the past few years, Parity has made a great contribution to this ecology-I have some projects that use their nodes because they are better than Geth. In addition, one of the coolest features of the Ethereum community is that from the beginning , It provides a positive environment for everyone to help each other instead of demeaning each other. "