Microsoft Azure blockchain platform opens more features, launches token and data management services

Cointelegraph reported on December 8 that Microsoft's blockchain-based platform, Microsoft Azure, announced the launch of new tokenization and blockchain data management services.

41538066141_eff5f27dd3_b (Image source: flickr )

On December 6, the service giant outlined an Azure blockchain token and blockchain data manager in an article on the official Microsoft Azure blog.

New tools for Azure users

The Azure Blockchain Token Service is designed to simplify the process of defining, creating, and managing tokens that conform to industry standards. The company also provides pre-built templates for common uses of tokens and a related gallery for templates created by partners. The statement reads:

In addition to managing the blockchain network through Azure Blockchain Services, we can now provide customers with an end-to-end experience of easily creating and managing physical or digital asset tokens through Azure Blockchain Tokens (Preview).

Another published service is the Blockchain Data Manager, which is a new Azure blockchain service feature that allows users to capture blockchain ledger data, convert encrypted blockchain ledger data, and Decrypt and send it to multiple data sources. According to the statement, this new feature simplifies "the tedious process of integrating existing applications with data on the blockchain ledger."

Earlier this week, Microsoft Azure launched the blockchain token "Azure Heroes" to reward its developer community.

Blockchain has been increasingly adopted in different industries. Cointelegraph said in a special analysis yesterday that the combination of blockchain and 3D printing technology can enhance the traceability of the aerospace supply chain.