Report: There are currently more than 700 cryptocurrency/blockchain investment funds with a total value of approximately $14.4 billion.

On April 24th, a new report by Crypto FundResearch showed that there are more than 700 cryptocurrency/blockchain investment funds, most of which are hedged venture capital funds. Venture funds now exceed hedge funds and become the most common encryption investment. fund. In addition, 239 new funds were launched during the 2018 period, setting a new record. The report expects that the growth in the number of funds launched in 2019 will slow down. Despite the lower price of cryptocurrencies in 2018, the managed assets of crypto funds have actually increased, but the amount of assets is still small, less than 1% of the total assets of hedge funds, about $14.4 billion. In addition, the report believes that the entire crypto fund industry has been growing rapidly because of the launch of new crypto funds, the net inflow of existing funds, and changes in the value of portfolio assets. Almost half of the funds in the distribution of investment funds are located in the United States, and new encryption funds are beginning to appear in offshore jurisdictions such as Eastern Europe and Russia and the Cayman Islands.