Huawei Zhang Xiaojun: The commercial layout of the blockchain requires interconnectivity, and the blockchain is the glue that connects various technologies

Zhang Xiaojun, director of Huawei's blockchain project and head of the financial industry's industrial development, said that at present, the blockchain standard is a state where everyone starts from scratch. When connectivity is blocked, the commercial layout of the blockchain will be delayed. Fortunately, industry companies are actively participating in the work of the China Blockchain Standards Committee. The formulation of standards will better support the country's independent innovation in blockchain technology and accelerate the interconnection and interconnection of the blockchain industry. Blockchain is the glue that connects various technologies. The computing power of artificial intelligence combined with big data can simplify the computing power requirements of the blockchain, and the blockchain can ensure the reliability of data transmission. Blockchain will help artificial intelligence to obtain the order, and artificial intelligence can also help the blockchain to ensure security issues and trace the source through the blockchain.