Ling listening to the 2020 New Year's speech, the annual thought feast is about to start!

On December 27, "Ling Listen 2020", the world's first block chain New Year's speech, will be staged in Hangzhou. "Ling Listening 2020" is based on the theme of "Sense of Certainty" and is led by Babit's Vice President / Editor, Ling Xing Blockchain initiator Tang Xia Ling. Together with 3 important guests, 9 industry think tanks have a deep observation and invited 200 super The audience came to the scene to create a feast of the strongest blockchain ideas of the year. This New Year's Eve speech is produced by Babbitt and is exclusive to Iqiyi.

Today, three important guests, nine industry think tanks, and the first 20 super audiences are officially revealed. Which are memorable in 2019? Which are worth looking forward to in 2020? They used a New Year's speech to show you the voice of the future.
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