MakerDAO founder: the government does not necessarily need to be the ultimate judge of the regulatory stablecoin

December 9th news, different from the traditional method of government or bank making regulations, MakerDAO founder Rune Christensen put forward, "Our argument is that it is not just the government that needs to regulate the stablecoin to ensure its security. It really needs everyone "He emphasized the differences of the Maker Foundation and suggested that the Foundation decentralize everything according to a fair agreement, in which everyone has equal opportunity and insight. He added, "Everything is completely transparent. This means that like every individual user, for example, the system can be audited in real time. And everyone has the ability to propose changes, even vote in the system and participate in governance "This will further mean that governments and central banks can participate. Christensen said that no one wants a single authority system that can change things quickly, which could also be used for bad purposes. So this gives the Maker Foundation a big advantage.