Ezhou, Hubei: Beware of illegal use of blockchain hot spots for illegal fundraising

Recently, the Office of the Leading Group of Ezhou City to Prevent and Dispose of Illegal Fund Raising reminded the general public to keep their eyes open and beware of criminals who use the name of blockchain and virtual currencies to conduct illegal fund raising and defraud money. The person in charge of the office of the leading group stated that in accordance with the concept of “play early and fight small”, the city will make full use of network monitoring, big data screening, offline line-up and other means to increase The monitoring and early warning of illegal fund-raising risks shall be strengthened, and the risk investigation shall be strengthened. Once any signs of illegal fund-raising are found, they shall be dealt with promptly and decisively. At the same time, it is hoped that the general public will find clues related to illegal fundraising and actively report to non-offices in cities, districts, and districts. Those who provide important help in detecting major cases will be rewarded according to relevant policies.