Legal Daily: Beijing Internet Court Creates "Balance Chain 2.0"

The Beijing Internet Court recently released the “Technical Specifications for Application Access of the Balance Chain” and “Specifications for Application Management of the Application of Balance Chain”. By strengthening the top-level design, improving the content standards of the on-chain, and expanding the alliance chain ecology, etc. The "eco-chain" three-in-one "balance chain 2.0" new model creates a judicial system and national governance modernization innovation demonstration platform. At present, "Tianping Chain" has completed 19 cross-links into the blockchain node, and has completed data connection for 25 application nodes in 9 categories, including copyright, copyright, and Internet finance. All 40,000 cases accepted by the Beijing Internet Court have been uploaded and uploaded. Chain electronic data exceeds 10 million, and the amount of cross-chain certificate data has reached hundreds of millions.