Bitmain holds shareholder meeting, Zhanke group proposes to fire all directors

BlockBeats News, Bitmain held a shareholder meeting on Monday morning. At the meeting, Zhanke Group called for the removal of all directors of the company and the election of its sole director. But the proposal was rejected by other shareholders, including many investor shareholders. According to an investor shareholder who participated in the shareholders meeting, "I don't understand why Zhan Ketuo took the initiative to call this shareholders meeting to take his own shame." The investor also stated that "One month after Wu Jihan returned, Bitmain is thriving and morale is rising."

At the end of October, Wu Jihan, co-founder of Bitmain, announced his return to Bitmain in a high-profile manner, and announced the dismissal of all the posts of the former chairman Zhanke Tuan through internal mail and employee meetings.

At the shareholders meeting held on December 9, the proposal of Zhanke Group was rejected by many shareholders, marking the complete elimination of Zhanke Group. Zhanke Group had little possibility of regaining control of Bitmain in the short term, and also marked the great return of Wu Jihan. Support from some investor shareholders.