Analyst: BTC is bottoming out, and prices may skyrocket soon

On December 9, an analysis article by foreign media stated that BTC was bottoming out after experiencing a 15% drop last week (from 8,000 US dollars to 6600 US dollars). Cryptocurrency trader Cantring Clark believes that there is an "incredible similarity" between BTC price movements over the past few days and bottoming and cumulative price movements at the end of 2018 and early this year. As shown in the figure, the price trends seen at that time and now are very similar in direction, and the places that have fallen at the end of 2018 are now also falling. "After the first major rally, it makes sense that the first major correction and subsequent accumulation periods will have fractals similar to the larger original sample." If this fractal is fully revealed, Bitcoin may On the verge of explosive growth, it is likely to break through $ 8,000, and if the bulls maintain momentum, it may be even higher.