Guiyang Big Data Bureau Holds Blockchain Lecture

According to the Guiyang Daily News, recently, the Guiyang Big Data Development Administration held a special lecture on "Current Status and Development Trends of Global Blockchain Technology. Representatives from the National Engineering Laboratory, Guizhou Post and Telecommunication Design Institute, and dozens of people participated. "Blockchain is not only a pure technology, but also a 'consensus system' with multiple participants. It is a benign game mechanism. Participants who obey the rules will gain benefits, and those who break the rules will be expelled. "At the lecture, experts from Gartner, a well-known global information technology research and consulting company, explained the development status of the blockchain in the past few years and analyzed the current development opportunities of the blockchain. Everyone said that this learning has benefited a lot. As a new technology, blockchain has reached a period of deep integration with application scenarios and the real economy. Seize the opportunity to seize the opportunity of the development of the blockchain industry and create more value.