Ding Liguo, Chairman of Delong Group: Bohai Iron and Steel changed a bunch of people and some people stole electricity to mine Bitcoin

According to Sina Finance News, the 18th Annual Conference of Chinese Business Leaders 2019 was held in Beijing from December 8th to 9th, and Chairman of Delong Group Ding Liguo attended and gave a speech. When talking about Delong's participation in the Bohai Iron and Steel Mixed Reform, Ding Liguo mentioned: "For a small example, we went in the past ten months and arrested a bunch of people, excluding those arrested by the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government before I went in. We are all internal people, and there are too many leaks. Everyone knows that bitcoin mining generally requires going to Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, where there are hydropower stations, and the electricity price is low. But it is precisely in the factories around us that some people dig Bitcoin. Why? No money. You have to spend money to go to the hydropower station. We don't need any money. Later, after we knocked this out, a factory's monthly electricity cost was 7 or 8 million. "