Shenzhen unified government service APP "i Shenzhen" officially launched blockchain electronic certificate application platform

According to special news, on the morning of December 9, the Shenzhen unified government service app "i Shenzhen" officially launched the blockchain electronic license application platform. At present, "i Shenzhen" has realized 24 types of commonly used electronic certificates, such as resident ID cards and resident registration books, to support the use of multiple forms of licenses, such as authorizing the use of other people's licenses and offline hall windows to authorize the use of licenses. Authorize the use of certificates to support more than 100 high-frequency government service matters, such as no criminal record certification and birth registration. Next month, full coverage of the city's city will be achieved by authorizing the use of certificates on the offline office windows. Liu Qingsheng, member of the Standing Committee of Shenzhen Municipal Committee and executive deputy mayor, said that blockchain technology has great promise in government service innovation, and the prospect of using blockchain technology to improve the level of government service is promising. It is hoped that "i Shenzhen" will continue to make new contributions to Shenzhen's construction of a pioneering demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics and truly make the citizens more "love Shenzhen".