Fan Guifu, Chairman of China Banknotes Credit Card: Cross-border financial blockchain service platform has served 1662 companies

According to titanium media news, at the T-EDGE New Finance Summit and the China Summit on Financial Technology and Blockchain China, Fan Guifu, chairman of China Banknotes Credit Card Industry Development Co., Ltd., said that currently there are a large number of small and micro enterprises in China. The problem of expensive financing and poor financing has asymmetric information with commercial banks. To solve this problem, the cross-border financial blockchain service platform developed by China Banknotes Credit Card Industry Development Co., Ltd. was launched on March 22. As of December 5, the platform has served 1662 enterprises; as of December 6, it has accessed more than 170 commercial banks, and the amount of loans has reached 66 billion yuan. Talking about the attitude to the blockchain, Fan Guifu said that everyone should not deify the blockchain, and do not consider it to be a beast of flood. This technique is a double-edged sword. It uses positive energy if it is good, and negative energy if it is not good. Regardless of whether it's a scam or a blast, I'll do it first. It turns out that we are on the right track, the spring of the blockchain is here, and our opportunity is here.