Data show that BTC's block production time is stable, and the 24H trading volume of mainstream exchanges is weak.

According to TokenGazer data analysis: As of December 9th at 17:00, BTC quoted $ 7455.57 with a market value of $ 135,002.72M; 24H BTC trading volume on mainstream exchanges was about $ 124.48M, which was relatively weak; BTC chain's trading volume continued to decline The number of active addresses rebounded to some extent, and the block production time remained stable at about 9.8 minutes. The market value of BTC fluctuated slightly and is currently about 66.74%. The 30-day ROI of BTC has a certain upward trend. According to the six data from the official website of TokenGazer, BTC sentiment The exponential moving average fluctuates in the range of 50-60. In terms of futures, compared with 24 hours ago, compared with 24 hours ago, the number of positions held by Huobi and OKEx Bitcoin contracts has increased; the number of short and long positions in OKEx Bitcoin contracts The ratio continues to be lower than 1.0 and is currently 0.96. In the long and short trend of bitcoin in Huobi, elite users account for 66% of long accounts and hold long positions of 47.6%; for exchanges, BTC / USD Coinbase Huobi is in a premium state for BTC / USDT. In this reminder, entering the market is risky and investment needs to be cautious.