The first anniversary of the election of Wenzhou Gang and the left-behind node 丨EOS node

In May 2018, Ewenwenzhou, the “Wenzhou Gang” with 4 billion admission blockchain, left the scene only four months after the announcement of the election of the super node.

It has been almost a year since the EOS Super Node campaign. In the past year, after the shackles, the expected node revenue has become a "mirage", so some people choose to leave; left, waiting in reflection.

EOSwenzhou is long gone.

“EOSwenzhou, which ended in August last year, Zhang Zong (one of the founders of EOSwenzhou, Zhang Shengmao) also returned to the traditional industry.” Wenzhou Capital partner Dong Ge is not willing to disclose the time and reasons for Zhang Shengmao to leave EOSwenzhou.

Some Wenzhou people left the currency circle because they were speculating on coins, doing leverage, and playing funds. Dong Ge told Shen Chain Finance:

"There was a boss who lost 1 billion. After the loss, he quit and there was no sound."

Peng Yu, the director of the operation of the gravitational zone, told Shen Chain Finance: "In the impression, EOSwenzhou didn't seem to do anything, and we didn't contact us any more."

The founder of EOS Forces said: "At the time, everyone looked down on the 'Wenzhou Gang', but they were the fastest in all nodes."

In April 2018, EOSwenzho, who had entered EOS for 4 billion yuan, closed the low-key two months after the end of the SuperNode campaign.

These Wenzhou gangs, who are hundreds of millions of people, and most Wenzhou businessmen, including Zhang Shengmao, have returned to stocks, travel, Internet traffic, and A-shares.

However, some Wenzhou merchants have stayed in this industry and cooperated with the local government of Wenzhou to establish the Wenzhou Blockchain Industry Research Institute and the Blockchain Industry Fund. They hope to help the local area with the “blockchain+Internet of Things” as the entry point. Carry out industrial upgrading.

Guo Yang, another partner of Wenzhou Capital, said that the rest of the people still recognize the blockchain development industry. Guo Yang said: "At that time, many traditional media including People's Daily reported to us. After the fame, we established Wenzhou Capital through the wind, and later sought to cooperate with the Wenzhou government."

After experiencing EOSwenzhou, Wenzhou Capital helped the project team to build a public chain ecosystem like Gongxinbao and IOST.

Guo Yang said: "Tomorrow we have a small closed-door meeting in Wenzhou to promote the development of the industry in the actual industrial economy. We have been preparing in Wenzhou for a long time."

One year ago, the canvassing spree

Reminiscence, Wenzhou helped announce the election of the super node, which is a boost to the entire EOS community: “The community shouted that even Wenzhou’s gang had come in, and the EOS had to go up’, they pulled the disk continuously and pulled the side Doing leverage."

On May 5, 2018, after Wenzhou Gang announced the election of the Super Node one month later, the Gravitation Zone Technical Community Salon Global Conference venue was transferred to the second floor of Angel Gateway, Zhongguancun Venture Street, Beijing.

In the afternoon, EOS fans from all over the country filled the venue in less than an hour.

Downstairs, the staff of the gravitational area presided over the signing, upstairs, Xiao Xiaodong, the manager of the currency Xiaoye, analyzed the price trend of EOS. At that time, EOS had fallen from $23 six days ago to $6.33.

But many EOS holders believe that after the main network is launched, EOS will rise back again, even more than $23. Wang Lizhen (pseudonym), who is at the conference, told his friend on the phone: "Xiao Yidong said that grapefruit (EOS) will continue to fall to around $13. I don't believe this, but you can decide if you don't add a position."

独立 After independence from YOYOW, focus on doing node HelloEOS. HelloEOS plays a role in community and media promotion. From April 2018, HelloEOS hosts an EOS theme salon every week and more than 10 games by the end of July.

Sun Yushi, founder of EOSBeiJing, told Deep Chain Finance that community-based nodes mainly attract users by promoting EOS and increase confidence in holders, including promoting EOS-type products.

EOS holders hope to achieve several times the skyrocketing before and after the main network starts, while the nodes hope to get more votes in the form of a salon.

Sun Yushi recalled that at that time, he had to run three games a week on average, to give speeches and to know various people in the circle. Those who hold large EOS and who are interested in EOS nodes, they also rushed to every venue from all parts of the country to participate in some activities organized by local communities.

More than one million (EOS) big households, more choices to communicate online, because they have to vote for trusted nodes. Sun Yushi said: "The big people vote for you, at least to know what kind of person you are, how the qualifications are, whether you can recognize you. What the big family really want is to hope that the node can realize the expansion of the EOS ecology. Step by step promotion."

The bull market is short-lived, "Wenzhou Bang" cash out of the scene?

Insufficient ticket position, resulting in disagreement within EOSwenzhou, was the fuse of EOSwenzhou's dissolution.

According to Guo Yang, before EOSwenzhou disbanded, there was a divergence within the issue of whether or not to add a ticket position. "Our original number of votes has already been within 21 nodes, but after the votes of the parties went up, our ticket position was generated. A big gap, limited capacity and resources."

"If it is 1 vote and 1 vote, we may continue to insist." Dong Ge, who led the dissolution of EOSwenzhou, said: "The currency circle is too virtual. We thought EOS was good, but later found that it was not as good as it thought, technology. If you can't get it, the progress will not work."

EOSwenzhou realized that this problem began with Li Xiaolai and Chen Weixing: "You think about it, these people are doing it, biting a bite, and we are not interested."

A person close to EOSwenzhou told Deep Chain Finance: "EOSwenzhou was jointly organized by Fujian people and Wenzhou people. The money was not evenly distributed. Later, the nodes did not do it. They earned EOS between 80-120 yuan. The money is gone, very simple logic."

"What do you do well, do it, if you don't do it, you will retreat. This is the character of our Wenzhou people." Dong Ge explained: "At that time, many people thought that we had smashed the price of the currency. In fact, there were many opportunities for the wave to come in. Foreign capital."

Dong Ge admits that some Wenzhou businessmen cashed in EOS at the high point, but he said: "The real dish is the big direct boss in Beijing. The Wenzhou people have a black pot. This person is the biggest direct seller in China. boss."

Guo Yang said: "At the time, I still talked with Lao Zhang (Zhang Shengmao) to avoid some risks. Don't fall on our Wenzhou people if they fall."

Super node that does not make money

At the end of July 2018, the ranks of HelloEOS fell all the way, and the lowest ranked 49th. It was only in February of this year that it rushed back to the 7th place.

梓岑Tell deep chain finance: "We started from the EOS main network to return to the super node. It is basically at a loss. When the activities are particularly intensive, we do 4 salons every month, and the cost of the entire operating node and The cost of the salon is calculated on average, with a monthly loss of more than 1 million."

"At that time, I was extremely anxious. I haven't got rid of it now. I fell from the previous 21 and I was afraid that I couldn't get up. I went up and fell scared." He said, although I know that this is a long-distance running, I need a sustained effort, but I am still stuck in anxiety and unable to extricate myself.

At present, for HelloEOS, I think that in such a market environment, it is not very meaningful to hold such offline activities. In terms of cost, it is not cost-effective. It is better to give these cost resources to the development team.

Gravity area is the first community-based node established in October 2017. It mainly exports and fills the relevant value information of EOS, and the number of communities is 150,000.

When the EOS main network was started, the gravitational zone won about 30 million votes, becoming one of the first communities to enter the super node. However, as the voting rate of each node continued to rise, the gravitational zone eventually fell into the echelon of the standby node.

Peng Yu said that because we are spare nodes, the rankings have not changed much. It’s okay now, but it’s hard to keep increasing the investment, and last year EOS fell to nearly $1.50, and many of the nodes once failed to make ends meet.

In the bull market, the gravitational zone is ready for commercial realization, looking for projects to support them to vote for Dapp. Peng Yu said that the results were not good. Only one or two projects were invested. The market went down and was suspended.

The single profit model is the biggest risk of the node

The Cannon founder's book told Deep Chain Finance that the Cannon community was not affected by the bear market. Currently, Cannon Capital is doing an EOS-based project incubation.

Although EOSNation's ranking fluctuated between 17-25, its founder Yves La Rose told Deep Chain Finance that EOSNation has been extended from a team of seven core founders to the current 35-person team, and operating expenses are mainly from the node's district. Block rewards.

Peng Yu concluded that there are currently two types of nodes in a profitable state. One is like some foreign technology nodes, several people add several cloud servers, and some other nodes supported by capital are still profitable, 21st and 22nd. Name, the difference between the two nodes is very large.

Peng Yu calculated the account, according to EOS's bonus award rules, the daily income is less than 100 EOS, can not be cashed, the daily income of 200 EOS, calculated at the current price of 5.2 US dollars, the monthly gross profit is about 210,000 yuan, but the cloud The server has more than 40,000 yuan per month.

Among the 21 super nodes, the top ranked nodes earned an average of about 700 EOS per day, and the monthly gross profit was about 730,000 yuan. Post-ranking or unstable nodes, because they can't get enough votes to top up, it is difficult to maintain stable profitability in the process of market conversion.

EOSLaoMao is currently ranked in the top three and is above the profit and loss line. Its head, Zhao Yu, believes that the single profit model of nodes based on dividends is currently the biggest risk.

EOSBeiJing remains profitable due to its stable rankings, but it is far from the expected expectations of doing EOS super nodes.

Because of the cooperation between investment institutions and transactions, EOSBeiJing hopes to enter the EOS ecosystem with the super node as the entry point, which makes it easier to access the high-quality projects of the EOS circle, and can also give these projects in financing, promotion, and trading. help.

The project party issued the currency on the EOS, most of which took the form of airdrop. The project party needed money and went to the exchange to sell the coins, including the later Bancor's currency mode. This change made EOSBeiJing's profit model unworkable.

Then, EOSBeiJing felt that the technical route should be strengthened, and EOS-based community services, navigation websites, and analysis tools were developed. After a while, it was still not profitable.

In the second half of the year, gambling was very hot. Based on compliance, EOSBeiJing hatched non-gaming games with almost no profit. "Frankly speaking, the income is very miserable." Sun Yushi said that especially in the second half of 2018, EOS plummeted and the income fell by more than 90%. Under such circumstances, it could not be stopped.

Underestimating the power of the bear market

The admission of “Wenzhou Gang” promoted the short-lived Mavericks, but the reason for the bear market, no one can make it clear.

After a year, whether it is a profitable node or a lossy node, they all have people who reflect in the bear market.

On the one hand, the low-yield problems faced by nodes are more of a problem faced by the blockchain industry. In the words of the old wolf, what can the blockchain industry do to make money?

At the end of June last year, some netizens broke the news that the EOS node costs $5,000 a month, but can earn $10,000 a day. But he said that the biggest reflection for me this year was that he was overwhelmed by the campaign and ignored the power of the bear market.

On the other hand, the benefits of some spare nodes can't maintain the cost of their own team. If you want to develop around EOS eco-products, either burn the investors' money or find another profit model.

The singularity tells the deep chain finance, EOS 1% of the super-issue, more than half of the 傀儡 node, and the working node, have been kicked down, in essence, this is caused by the wrong mechanism of 1 vote and 30 shots.

In the past, many nodes believed that technology was the core competitiveness of nodes, but later found that the influence of exchanges on DPoS was underestimated.

A year ago, he once defined bribery as a private pocket. Now, he told Deep Chain Finance: "The problem of bribery, it is difficult for me to stand up and blame this thing, and I have no confidence in saying this because I can't find a clear boundary for bribery and dividends."

Although some nodes admit that the current EOS has an unfair question of 1 vote and 30 shots, they agree that this is no longer important. As stated in the book: "EOS is the only secure and commercially available network except Bitcoin. The rights relationship between nodes maintains the stability of EOS network."

He said that doing a node is a lasting contribution, the rhythm does not change from start to finish, and then everyone begins to trust you slowly. Before many teams announced their campaigns in a high-profile manner, and finally slowly withdrew, the resounding of your shouting did not make much sense. The bull market does not need to be icing on the cake.

“Having experienced the darkest year, the market has already formed an upward trend after bottoming out, and the bear market is over.” I am optimistic.


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