2nd Anniversary of Chain Node Live Broadcasting Room 2017-2019

Xiong Yue, Xiao Miao and Cai Shu were invited tonight at the special event at the 2nd Anniversary of the Chain Node Live Broadcast Room at 19 o'clock tonight. Talking about the industry and its changes in the two years from 2017 to 2019, they gave comments-Xiong Yue said: 17 years can be said that the big outbreak of the industry, including the bitcoin fork and the involvement of supervision, are to themselves There are two things that have a great impact. At that time, as a less mature entrepreneur, it can be said that it was panic; but in 19 years, the entire regulatory environment will be much better, the entire industry has matured, and as an entrepreneur I also grew a lot with it. Xiao Miao said: In 17 years, he was in the circle as Xiao Bai, and in 19 years he was able to change his identity, from learning Xiao Bai in an industry to someone who can do something in the circle. I feel I have grown a lot in two years. Cai Shu said: The entire Korean coin industry was hot in 17 years, and he was also one of them. By 19 years, he had grown from a speculator to a practitioner, an entrepreneur, committed to the landing of the blockchain, and a growing one. process. Prior to the long-term experience in speculation, he has better understood the needs of users, and laid the foundation for current entrepreneurship.