Chain node live broadcast room will be fully upgraded in 2020

In the special program for the second anniversary of the 2017-2019 chain node live broadcast tonight, host Jun Yao announced the news that the live broadcast will be fully upgraded in 2020. After the revision of the live broadcast room, there will be the following changes: 1. In content, the topic selection will focus on light theme live broadcasts, the theme selection is more living, closer to the user ’s psychological topics, and the duration of each live broadcast will be shortened to 30-40 Minutes, 1-2 guests are fixed; 2. In the interactive form, the live content is mainly relaxed and interesting chat, at the same time will increase the frequency of interaction with the audience, will increase the number of real-time red envelope rain, red envelope password. Jun Yao expressed the hope that through this revision, the live broadcast of the chain node will be closer to the public emotionally, and become a communication platform and "communication bridge" that users really like and are practical.