Professor Shenglin Lin, Zhejiang University: Technology-driven fintech formats such as blockchain will receive global attention in the future

On December 7, the Institute of Internet Finance of Zhejiang University and other units jointly issued the "2020 Global Financial Technology Center City Report". The report pointed out that fintech is an irreversible trend. Governments around the world attach great importance to the development of fintech. More than 40 cities around the world have issued fintech related policies or targeted support measures. According to the report's publisher, Zhejiang University professor Shenglin Lin, from the perspective of the development of fintech formats globally, in China, and in the United States, it is the future that the technology-driven fintech formats such as blockchain / digital currency and smart investment and advisory will be valued globally. In the main direction, it is imperative to promote the construction of fintech infrastructure and accelerate the process of traditional fintech technology.