DeFi Weekly Report: DeFi project lock-up value is 940 million US dollars, down 4.12% from the previous week

According to data on the DeFi feature page, as of now, 33 DeFi projects have totaled USD 940 million in lock-up funds, of which Maker USD 330 million, accounting for 35.11%, ranking first; EOSREX lock-up US $ 213 million, accounting for 22.71%, ranking second. The third place is Edgeware's lock-up of US $ 120 million, accounting for 12.85%. Compound, Synthetix, dYdX, Nuo and other DeFi applications accounted for 29.33%. As of now, the total amount of ETH lockups has reached 3.58 million, accounting for 3.29% of the total circulation of the ETH market, and the total amount of EOS lockups has reached 83.81 million, accounting for 8.06% of the total circulation of the EOS market. In the past week, overall: 1. Maker lowered the Sai debt ceiling to 95 million, raised the Dai deposit interest rate to 4%, and continued to guide users to upgrade multi-mortgage Dai; 2. Due to the congestion of EOS network, users have greater demand for withdrawals The EOS hedging volume in EOSREX decreased sharply by 9.79 million compared with December 01; 3. The overall hedging value of the DeFi project decreased by 4.12% from the previous week.