Data: In the first week of December, Argentina's bitcoin transaction volume hits an all-time high

According to Crypto Potato, in early December, Argentina's bitcoin transaction volume once again broke a record high. Prior to that, the newly elected president had just chosen a new cabinet seeking a Peronist agenda and could oppose IMF intervention in the country. Coin.Dance data shows that the country ’s Bitcoin trading volume on LocalBitcoins surged to a record high in the first week of December 2019. Over the past 7 days, BTC worth more than 22 million Argentine pesos (about 367,000 US dollars) has changed hands in Argentina.
Peronism is a slogan of “political sovereignty, economic independence, and social justice” proposed by Juan Domingo Perón (1895-1974), former president of Argentina in the 1940s . At that time, the Argentine national bourgeoisie, taking advantage of the imperialists' busy war, achieved great development and demanded its own theoretical ideas. This slogan represented the interests of the national bourgeoisie and, to a certain extent, reflected the aspirations of the working masses for national independence and democratic rights.