Dash Core Group CEO: Propose introducing PoS elements in Dash to reduce price anomalies

Dyan Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor discussed the company's new plans to increase Dash's valuation in 2019 at a recent event. Taylor emphasized the financial incentive plan for PoW mining and emphasized that the profit brought by the PoW mechanism is very small. He explained that during a period of rapid price increases, PoW miners were unable to take advantage of this, as their inflated profits were spent on new equipment and operations. This has led to a reduction in the number of tokens circulating on the exchange. Similarly, during the crash, the impact was even more severe as miners attempted to make up for losses through the revenue generated from the sale, which led to severe price drops. To address this situation, Taylor suggests that the Dash Core Group can introduce PoS elements into the ecosystem to minimize such price anomalies. Taylor lists a number of planned changes to provide holders with better emission rates. However, he emphasized that reducing the block rewards of PoW mining is a top priority to minimize selling pressure during the crash. Such proposed changes propose the idea of ​​introducing PoS, or seek to develop on the master node network and Chainlocks to achieve network security.