Moocowmoo, a former senior adviser to Dash who was reportedly absconding with money, is returning investor funds in succession

People have been speculating about the whereabouts of Mocowmoo, a former senior advisor to Dash, and the whereabouts of investor funds, and now he has finally "appeared". Relevant investors have stated in a post on Reddit that their long-lost funds have been returned. Fernando Gutierrez, chief marketing officer of Dash Core Group, also confirmed this, saying that although this did not make things better, it was definitely better than the result of Moocowmoo disappearing without paying. According to previous news, Twitter users have recently expressed doubts about the whereabouts of Moocowmoo, a senior consultant of the Dash core group. Based on the evidence provided by the user, it appears that Moocowmoo absconded with Dash investor funds a few months ago. Dash Chief Marketing Officer Fernando Gutierrez denied the story today, claiming that Moocowmoo "was never employed by the Dash core team" and that he "leaved the project a few years ago". There is no reliable evidence as to the whereabouts of Moocowmoo, or whether investors have actually recovered the funds. What can be judged so far is that Moocowmoo is a former consultant for the project, but is not an officially recognized core team member.