Jingdong Digital Science Zhai Xinlei: Blockchain is expected to become the cornerstone of the Industrial Internet

Zhai Xinlei, Head of Blockchain at JD Innovation and Technology Business Department, said that I think the blockchain is expected to become the cornerstone of the Industrial Internet. At present, the development of the Internet in China is very fast. From a personal perspective, everyone can access the Internet to surf, but from an industrial perspective, a more secure and reliable wide area network needs to be built on the Internet. For example, a lot of data in finance is completely isolated in its own system. In what way does data connect and let data assets flow on the basis of security and trust, in the process, the blockchain will become different from the industrial Internet. Connectors between bodies. At present, blockchain technology is in the initial stage of industrial innovation and integration. In the application of blockchain, it is necessary to consider the combination with other intelligent technologies. "Blockchain is not a panacea" cannot be separated or used alone. It has been said that the four technologies of artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things, and blockchain are a combination, and create industrial application value together. It is not a single technology that can solve the needs of complex scenarios.