Huang Yiping, Vice President of Peking University Development Institute: Digital currency may become the ultimate battlefield of financial competition

Huang Yiping, deputy dean of the National Development Research Institute of Peking University and director of Peking University's Digital Finance Research Center, said in an interview that digital currency can achieve peer-to-peer transactions without considering policy constraints. It will also be competitive, so the obstacles to the internationalization of digital currencies are relatively small. However, it should be noted that since it is a sovereign currency, it needs to accept the constraints of financial supervision and monetary policy regulation. A certain degree of centralization is necessary. Hundreds of years of history tells us that competition between nations is fundamentally determined not by military forces but by financial capabilities. In the future, the competition between countries will still be reflected in the financial field, especially in the field of fintech, and digital currency may be the ultimate battlefield of this new competition.