Economic Daily: Reasonably exploring the application potential of artificial intelligence, blockchain and other information technologies in justice

"Economic Daily" today published a review article "Building a Community of Destiny in Cyberspace by the Rule of Law". The article stated that promoting the establishment of a community of destiny in cyberspace by the rule of law, and in creating a good business environment for the development of the digital economy, countries should adhere to the concepts of open cooperation, mutual benefit and sharing, compatibility and sustainable development, and work together to meet the challenges of the Internet era. Promote the formation of international rules in the Internet field, and promote global cyberspace governance; maintain a fair, just, open, transparent, convenient, efficient, and reliable judicial system; rationally explore the potential of information technology such as artificial intelligence and blockchain in judicial application; provide intelligence Provide inclusive, convenient and convenient judicial services; follow the ethics of science and technology and judicial ethics, meet the needs of the innovation and development of the digital economy, protect intellectual property rights and virtual property rights, and maintain an economic order that is fair, just, and effective in competition. In particular, in accordance with the domestic laws of each country and the international conventions to which it participates or concludes, it protects personal information and privacy within its terms of reference, clarifies the code of conduct and rights boundaries of enterprises, organizations, and users, avoids information misuse, and creates a secure Internet environment for all users. .