Wang Zhuojiu, Director of Dachuang Town Development Service Center in Hangzhou Qiantang New District: I hope more blockchain companies will settle in the town

On December 7th, at the "2019 Blockchain Innovation Application and Digital Economy Forum and Singapore Hangzhou Science and Technology Park International Blockchain Center Conference", Wang Zhuojiu, director of Dichuang Town Development Service Center in Hangzhou Qiantang New District, stated in his speech that Hangzhou Dachuang Town, Qiantang New District is a platform for entrepreneurship and innovation in the Qiantang New District. It focuses on the digital economy and the future economy and is a national dual-creation demonstration base. At present, more than 3,000 different types of enterprises have been gathered in the town, which has become a place where talents gather, and a large platform for future economic development. It has formed an entire industry chain, innovation chain, talent chain, waiters, capital chain, and policy chain. Industry chain system. Wang Zhuozhen hopes that more enterprises in the blockchain and digital economy can settle in small towns, and the town will also provide a high-quality service environment for the development of the digital economy and blockchain enterprises.