Tang Xialing, Vice President of Babbitt and Ling Ting, the founder of the blockchain: Babbitt industry blockchain needs to do 3 things well

On December 10, at the site of the "2019 Blockchain Innovation Application and Digital Economy Forum and Singapore Hangzhou Science and Technology Park International Blockchain Center Conference", Babbitt Vice President, Babbitt Editor-in-Chief, Ling Ting Blockchain Sponsor Tang Xialing pointed out Since the launch of the Babbitt industrial blockchain channel, it has received a lot of market demand. Next, Babbitt will productize and service the industry's cognitive capabilities. Through each case, each service will bring the blockchain to the industry. At present, the Babbitt industrial blockchain mainly does three things: training, consulting and brand case services, and one-stop technical solutions.
Babbitt Industrial Blockchain is an open platform. It will work with many blockchain technology solution service providers to explore the best way and path for the blockchain to empower the real economy.