On the spot 丨 Ma Qianli: "City Chain" allows government services to run from at most once to no need to run

Babbitt reported on the spot that on December 10th, at the "2019 Blockchain Innovation Application and Digital Economy Forum and Singapore Hangzhou Science Park International Blockchain Center Conference". Ma Qianli, vice president of Babbitt and person in charge of Bystack, said that blockchain can gradually land in urban applications, cut from point applications, enter linear applications, and finally realize planar applications. Point applications rely on blockchain distributed databases and immutable functions. Xiong'an's blockchain tree-planting platform, Hangzhou's car notary lottery is just the case. Linear applications are mainly financial applications. For example, in supply chain finance, the relationship between “lines” needs to be handled well. There are city chains for the surface applications. For example, it is operated by Hangzhou Data Resources Administration, and Babbitt provides technical support for the government service chain. In the future, with access to chains such as trusted identities, credit scores, and judicial certification, the government service can be changed from running at most once to becoming unnecessary, and the government “runs out” itself.