Founder Wang Xin: Blockchain product "Lingge" is expected to be online by the end of the year

Recently, the founder of the fast broadcast Wang Xin revealed that the third product "Lingge" is expected to be launched by the end of the year, and also admitted that the previously launched social app "Toilet" is a failed product. It is reported that Lingge uses a decentralized model. For example, the account system uses three-layer encryption of the blockchain, and the central system does not store passwords by default; the content display of the homepage and UGC (personal production content) matches on demand, thousands of people, etc . After users publish their requirements, instead of adopting traditional catalog classification to allow users to expend energy on browsing and filtering, they use AI technology for voice recognition and point-to-point intelligent matching and real-time communication. Based on big data analysis, the system's understanding and matching of users will become more and more accurate. For a single user, the unique multi-identity system is one of the biggest innovations of Lingge. Each person is both a demander and multiple different server identities.