Tether's 200 million USDT switchover from the Bitcoin network to the Ethereum network is basically complete

Beijing Chainan ChainsMap on-chain monitoring system found that at 15:34 pm Beijing time, Tether Treasury transferred about 200 million (200,000,010) USDT to Binance Exchange on the Ethereum network. Previously, Tether (USDT) had announced that it would Switched the Bitcoin OMNI USDT to the 200 million USDT of the Ethereum network, and yesterday took the lead in issuing an additional 200 million USDT on the Ethereum. Today at 12:27, on the Bitcoin network, Binance Exchange transferred 200 million OMNI USDT to Tether Treasury. After the above operations, the switch is basically completed. Next, finally, you need to wait for Tether Treasury to transfer 200 million OMNI USDT to the 32TLn1 starting address on the Bitcoin network and execute the Revoke Property Tokens command to destroy it. Switch.