Tang Xiongyan of China Unicom Network Research Institute: China Unicom's BaaS is still in the pilot stage, and it will move from "5G blockchain" to "5G × blockchain" in the future.

Tang Xiongyan, chief scientist of China Unicom Network Research Institute, pointed out in an interview with C114 that the BaaS (blockchain as a service) launched by China Unicom is still in the pilot stage, which seems to be half a step slower than the leading service providers of blockchain. But this is not a problem, because the research and application of blockchain in the field of telecommunications is still in the exploratory period and is in its infancy. Tang Xiongyan believes that with the continuous development of 5G, AI, IoT, big data and other technologies, the era of all things intelligent is accelerating. The deep integration of blockchain with these emerging ICT (information, communication and technology) technologies will make its relationship with the communications industry from a "+" to a multiplying "×", and applications will also accelerate to land.