View: Cryptocurrency investments are undergoing a paradigm shift, and most projects are currently overvalued

On December 10th, at the roundtable session of "2019 Blockchain Innovation Application and Digital Economy Forum and Singapore Hangzhou Science and Technology Park International Blockchain Center Conference". Outlier Ventures founding partner Jamie Burke said in response to the existence of the value depression, that in the previous stage, the value of the currency was determined by investment. In the next stage, the value of tokens will depend on the needs of developers, and the market is undergoing a paradigm shift. Attention Capital partner Cheng Wei also believes that when the market is good, there are always people who pay, and the projects are very expensive. In the speculative market, the public lacks understanding of technology, and types and regional differences can cause valuation differences. As the paradigm shifts, the projects that bring services to the entity and charge for them gradually land, and the valuation system will be closer to the traditional valuation system. Almost all guests agreed that most projects are currently overvalued. SNZ CEO Chi Hao particularly emphasized that a number of projects previously claimed to benchmark Ethereum, and with the implementation of these projects, the million TPS promised by these projects have not been realized, and there is no good solution for Ethereum's problems.