Head of Research, Comparative Magazine: It's only a matter of time before Libra or similar stablecoins emerge

Chen Yongwei, director of the research department of "Comparison" magazine, said in the article "Can Libra still have a play?" From a technical perspective or a financial perspective, Libra can't talk about innovations that are born out of the air. All the factors it contains are It already exists. From this perspective, the current attitude of various countries towards Libra may be too harsh. In fact, even if this Libra project fails to advance due to obstruction, projects similar to Libra may be launched immediately, but they may no longer adopt such a high-profile attitude as Libra, and may adopt a similar Bitcoin, Low-key, pragmatic practices such as Ripple. Under these conditions, even if we can now escape the shock of Libra, we cannot escape the shock of this series of financial innovations. He believes that the emergence of Libra or a private stable coin like Libra is almost a matter of time. For it, we should make a policy plan in advance.