Analysis of the market on April 24: Is the unique bitcoin being optimistic or is there a conspiracy?

[Yesterday market review]

After the opening of 0 o'clock yesterday, Bitcoin began to attack upwards, but it just went below the upper rail. At this time, it is not known whether Bitcoin will be shaken down again by the upper rail as before.

At 12 o'clock, Bitcoin took a strong upward break on the upper track and began to accelerate! This increase will reverse everyone's view of the market against the bulls and immediately become very optimistic! But the author said that he really can't understand and doesn't participate!

Therefore, this wave is very strong and fast, and the test for people is relatively large, and the difficulty coefficient is huge!

[market analysis]

Bitcoin weekly chart

After Bitcoin broke through the red downtrend line from 2019.2, it has been rising in a strong posture of shocks and upwards, and there is no decent callback. So if you want to wait for a callback, this wave of strong gains will be missed! If you are only doing the trading within the expected, then there is nothing to regret!

Bitcoin sky map

Bitcoin’s Bitcoin has been squatting along the 15EMA, and it can only be said that Bitcoin is extremely strong. In the end, everyone sold other mainstream coins and bought bitcoin together. Or is it that Bitcoin is strongly controlled by large institutions so that other currencies fall first?

In the final analysis, this wave of strong market: do not understand!

It’s reasonable to miss the market and miss the rise; it’s enough to just understand the market!

Bitcoin for four hours

Four hours now fall back below the upper rail, it looks like it is more attractive; but there is exactly four hours of 15EMA support below, if the closing today is below 15EMA, then there may be more downward adjustments!

In summary, Bitcoin is very strong overall, contrary to the expected adjustment plan, focusing on the performance around the four-hour 15EMA; the bulls are not in line with the expected adjustment, the other mainstream currencies are generally down, and the bitcoin is difficult to support, so the bulls miss it. !

Author: Tan science block chain Source: micro-channel public number: Tan science block chain