Fudan University Professor Si Xueming: There are two reasons why blockchain is used by ulterior motives

According to CCTV news, recently, Si Xueming, a professor at Fudan University and director of the Blockchain Special Committee of the Chinese Computer Society, said in an interview that there was a statistic last year. By March 2018, China's main focus was on blockchain. There are 456 companies in business. But at the same time, another number is shocking. There are more than 3,000 network platforms that use the banner of blockchain to scam on the Internet. This fully shows that the blockchain is used by some ill-intentioned criminals to use fraud. Ordinary people. He believes that there are two reasons. One is that the blockchain is a very new technology. The other is that the blockchain technology is derived from this digital world. It is not easy to explain to ordinary people, so criminals use such a mentality to Deceive the people.