Wang Wei, Chairman of the China Financial Museum: Blockchain is not only a technological revolution, but also a revolution in ideas

According to China Business Net News, on December 8, at the 16th China M & A Annual Conference 2019, Wang Wei, the founding chairman of the China Mergers and Acquisitions Association and director of the China Finance Museum, said that blockchain is not only a technological revolution, but also What matters is a revolution in ideas. Many people were not optimistic when the Internet was born, but now it has profoundly changed people's daily lives. Today, many people do not have a specific concept of blockchain, but they cannot ignore its future impact. "In the disruptive application of the blockchain, although we keep talking about the fact that we can still trace the source without the blockchain and still be able to authenticate without the blockchain, we will use the blockchain method to open up a deeper level and form An immutable, self-organizing, different scene that can be coupled with each other, so everyone is trying. "