Renmin University Wang Peng: The emerging information technology represented by blockchain is not good or bad by itself

According to information from the Fufu Research Institute, recently, Wang Peng, a researcher at the Intelligent Social Research Center of Renmin University, said that the emerging information technology represented by the blockchain is not good or bad, and is neutral. When applied in a good scene or mode, it will be effective. If used in a bad mode or scene, it may produce bad results. Any business model, enterprise, or behavior depends more on its value, and whether the externalities it generates are positive or negative. When the so-called air currency, or some hype concepts were squeezed out, after the real national team entered the field, we were able to find that the application of blockchain, including information sharing, real estate registration, and virtual verification, is still very widely used of. Therefore, when the national team really enters the game, some original ideas that are not good need to be exited. Of course, this does not mean that after the national team enters the game, the enthusiasm of individuals or companies for development will be eliminated. It is actually that in the case of legal compliance and value creation, there are more fault tolerance mechanisms for emerging technologies and tolerance zones The emergence of some emerging innovations in the blockchain.