People's Daily: Unleashing the potential of blockchain to empower manufacturing, in the long run should open up the "data island"

On December 11, the People's Daily published an article "How Manufacturing is Embedded in the Blockchain (Sankei Observation)." According to the article, in the integration with the manufacturing industry, many companies try first, and the application scenarios of blockchain technology have already begun to emerge, which has become a new driving force for enterprises to improve their digital operation capabilities and accelerate transformation and upgrading. A number of industrial parks dedicated to the development and application of blockchain technology have sprung up like mushrooms. According to the research report of "Development Map of China's Blockchain Industrial Parks", there are currently more than 20 blockchain industrial parks in the country, of which the Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing and other fields have become the main development direction. To empower the company's growth. How can we seize the development opportunities, let the "child" of blockchain grow faster, and fully release the potential of blockchain to empower manufacturing? In the short term, policy guidance should be used to support enterprises to accelerate the pace of digital transformation. In addition, as a new technology, blockchain also faces the problem of insufficient awareness in the process of promotion and application. In the long run, cross-industry data sharing should be encouraged to open up the "data island."