Hubei Wuhan Leading Group Meeting Requires Fast Construction of Blockchain Agglomeration Areas and Implementation of Blockchain Demonstration Application Projects

On December 10, the first meeting of the Wuhan Blockchain Technology and Industry Innovation and Development Leading Group was held. Deputy Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Zhou Xianwang attended the meeting. The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to focus on technological innovation and industrial innovation, establish first-class development goals, and strive to build a "blockchain city"; provide a first-class policy environment, and highlight industrial development trends, policy attractiveness, industrial integration and development, and market forces, " Watering when you see the young seedlings, "optimize the development system of the blockchain; create first-class supervision services, explore inclusive and prudent supervision methods, and release the innovation and creativity of the whole society. The meeting called for highlighting projectization, engineering, and inventory, setting up special blockchain work classes, establishing a blockchain industry association, accelerating the construction of a blockchain cluster, actively establishing a blockchain industrial technology research institute, and implementing a batch of The blockchain demonstration application project promotes the implementation of Wuhan blockchain technology and industrial innovation.