Report: Use of the term "blockchain" in 2019 executives' conference call on earnings has fallen sharply

According to a recent analysis by CB Insights, the use of the term "blockchain" in a 2019 conference call on earnings among executives has fallen significantly. According to Crowdfund Insider, CB Insights data shows a similar decline in the use of "cryptocurrencies" and related derivatives. At the beginning of 2018, executives mentioned the number of blockchains more than 250 times in the same quarter, and for most of this year, the number fell to about 100 times. With Bitcoin falling to around $ 7,500, this may not seem surprising at first glance. However, the development of the application of blockchain technology in vertical fields in various industries is still full of hope. Kaleido Insights industry analyst and founding partner Jess Groopman said that although the decline in the number of references to blockchain and cryptocurrencies in 2019 is not surprising, the discussion on the development of blockchain is more subtle, "from the technology From the perspective, not all distributed ledger technologies are the same. Different configurations will support different organizations and computing environments, which means that the progress of DLT applications in financial services may not necessarily translate into manufacturing applications or supply chain. Progress, and vice versa. In addition to this division, there is currently no consensus on market leadership, and current blockchain platforms cannot represent long-term bets. "