Dallas Mavericks owner: Bitcoin cannot be a reliable currency

According to the Bitcoin Exchange Guide, NBA Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban said recently that Bitcoin "has no chance" to become a reliable currency in the future. The main problem related to this is that Bitcoin is too difficult to use, not a technical one. Cuban also said that if Bitcoin wants to prove that it is a reliable currency that can be used during travel or a currency that can transfer funds across large-scale borders, it will have to face several challenges. Although there are a large number of individuals using Bitcoin, this market is still small and there is still plenty of room for expansion. Given the thousands of digital assets on the market, explaining to people why Bitcoin is better than other cryptocurrencies requires a lot of work. Many of these cryptocurrencies claim to be competitors and replacements for Bitcoin, but to date, it is unlikely that other cryptocurrencies will exceed Bitcoin's market capitalization.