Media: South Korean crypto trading stagnates but investors still find opportunity

According to LongHash reports today, South Korean crypto trading has stalled. The Korean won used to account for 35% -40% of Ethereum transactions, but the share has now fallen to 0.3%. At present, the Korean won accounts for only 2% of Bitcoin transactions. Erica Kang, founder of the KryptoSeoul community, said that the high demand for altcoins by South Koreans led to losses, which has led to a decline in Korean investors' general interest in cryptocurrencies. Since the tightening of regulations to suppress arbitrage and fraud and the global winter of cryptocurrencies, crypto activity has plummeted. However, despite this, blockchain investors have found opportunities. Korean blockchain projects have seen a quieter environment. Some projects that have been hyped on cryptocurrency prices have left the industry. The rest are more reliable projects. Industry is a good signal for industry ecology. Although many Korean crypto projects have expanded their business overseas, they still see Korea's domestic development potential, especially in the areas of gaming and distributed finance.