Cosmos IBC cross-chain agreement or extension: only the lowest level development is currently completed

According to BlockBeats, one of the most critical components of the Cosmos blockchain has completed the development of the lowest level of technology, and the application layer protocol has not yet been developed, such as economic incentives and penalties for multiple roles in cross-chain transfers. The mechanism is yet to be developed. This means that the news that the previously announced Cosmos IBC cross-chain agreement will be launched in November has failed, and it is optimistic that it is necessary to wait for 2020 to achieve the launch of IBC. Cosmos cross-chain protocol IBC is the main plug-in that supports Cosmos cross-chain. IBC has created a complete interworking two-way "side chain" that allows value to be transferred across the chain, and makes full use of Tendermint's instant finality to achieve the rapid transfer of tokens. Cosmos IBC is designed around the Cosmos network and the Tendermint consensus engine.