"Shenzhen Construction Pilot Demonstration Area Action Plan (2019-2025)" was officially issued

According to Securities Times · e Company News, Shenzhen has entered a new stage of comprehensive implementation of the construction of a pioneering demonstration zone of Chinese characteristics with Chinese characteristics. After several months of research, the "Shenzhen Action Plan for Building a Socialist Pioneering Demonstration Zone with Chinese Characteristics (2019-2025)" was officially issued in early December and issued to relevant Shenzhen authorities. In the next step, each unit will carry out specific work in accordance with the above action plan.
In July this year, Xi Jinping hosted the ninth meeting of the Central Committee of Comprehensive and Deepening Reform. The meeting reviewed and approved the "Opinions on Supporting Shenzhen to Build a Pioneering Socialist Demonstration Zone with Chinese Characteristics" and proposed to support the development of innovative applications such as digital currency research and mobile payment in Shenzhen.