A few pictures take you to understand the new Nike patent "CrpytoKicks"

Source: Shallot Blockchain

Yesterday, the patent of Nike's blockchain sneakers "CrpytoKicks" was approved by the US Patent Office.

What exactly is a "CrpytoKicks" patent?

This patent outlines a secure encrypted digital asset that can be attached to a physical product (sports shoes in this case) via blockchain technology, and aims to generate a unique ID based on the shoe and create tokens (with ERC 721 or ERC1155 token As an example).

In addition, the Nike platform will also use blockchain technology to track sneaker ownership and verify its authenticity .

Specifically, when a consumer purchases a pair of genuine shoes, a digital shoe will also be generated at the same time, and an encrypted token will be allocated. The digital shoes and crypto tokens together represent a "CrpytoKicks".

In addition, during the sale of sports shoes, ownership can be transferred by trading real sports shoes and associated digital assets. These digital assets can be stored in a so-called "digital locker" (a cryptocurrency wallet type application).

Simply put, consumers can unlock these tokens by purchasing sneakers, and can associate these tokens with a unique owner ID to indicate their ownership.

Can "bred" offspring shoes, can be personalized design

In addition, in addition to representing digital shoes, tokens can also record the "genotype information" of digital shoes, including specific attributes, colors, styles, and backgrounds.

In addition, sneakers can "bred" offspring. That is, storing digital shoes in a locker, mixing or 'bringing' digital shoes with another digital shoe can create "offspring shoes."

But the "reproduction power" of digital shoes may be constrained by one or more real world manufacturing restrictions.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the patent may allow users to personalize their shoes , allow others to exercise mixed copyright control over the design, and even have a "nanny" feature for third-party care.

In fact, Nike already submitted the patent application in April this year. Although authorized today, no specific product release date is mentioned.

It is worth mentioning that Nike is not the first sports brand to try blockchain sports shoes. Just in October, another well-known sports brand, New Balance, announced that it would launch a pilot program to verify the authenticity of its new sports shoes for customers using blockchain. New Balance cooperated with IOHK to develop "New Balance Realchain".