Tianjin explores government data sharing applications based on blockchain technology

According to People's Daily, the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee's Cyberspace Office, the Municipal Big Data Management Center and Peking University's New Generation Information Technology Research Institute carry out the application of big data trusted sharing technology based on blockchain technology in the government field. The data trusted sharing prototype system has been set up and deployed recently and started trial operation. This system is based on the "Beijing University of Switzerland's Big Data Blockchain Bottom Platform" independently developed by Peking University. It will explore the formation of trusted nodes in various departments, and together form a trusted graphical blockchain network. It will act as a barrier to communication and refine data. Rights mechanism to ensure that data ownership, use rights, and revenue rights are not infringed; combined with blockchain and smart contract technologies, data collection, storage, management, sharing, openness, analysis, and settlement process are stored on-chain to store certificates to achieve data integrity Lifecycle credible management and control, forming a data supervision mechanism for data use prior review, monitoring during the event, and traceability after the event.